Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Activity moving to Scans of the Dead

Turambar over there already made a post about it, but everything I work on (which is solely works by or related to Shouji Sato) will be released through that site from now on.  It's more convenient to have everything in one place.


We've been working on Triage X volume 4 and that'll be out soon, and there'll be some other surprises coming up as well.

This site (Torpedo Tits) will more or less be phased out in terms of activity.  I don't see a need in taking it down right now, but don't expect much more from me here.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sato Shouji Artworks

It's been about a year since we had word of chapter 30 of Highschool of the Dead so it's anybody's guess when, if ever, the series will return.  You can rest assured if there's any news I'll let you know so please stop bothering me about it.

On the plus side, if you enjoy Shouji Sato's torpedo tits, his series Triage X is still running regularly and you can grab the monthly raws for that at Scans of the Dead if you didn't know already.  The scanlation has decided to once again wait for the volumes, but given the high amount of censored fanservice in the serialized version of the series that's probably not such a bad thing.

Good news: Fujimi Shobo announced an artbook which will contain artwork from HOTD, Triage X, and Fire Fire Fire for release on August 9th of this year (entitled 佐藤ショウジアートワークス, or "Sato Shouji Artworks").  The details of the release aren't yet 100% clear, but assuming I can get a couple copies I will see if I can scan it a while after it's released.  Don't let that stop you from buying it if it's widely available, however.  Although I certainly believe in the digital revolution and yada yada whatever, it's still of paramount importance to support authors and publishers.

For the HOTD volume releases, I've decided to hold off on releasing anything until I get everything together.  I don't want to compete with the official US release and I want to be able to include as much as possible.  It's looking like it'll be big enough that I'll probably have to release it as a torrent.

Later, dudes.

Friday, September 30, 2011

"New" Black and White illustration from Dragon Magazine July 2008

Dragon Magazine is the name of the magazine in which the short-lived HOTD novel was serialized.  There were a number of illustrations produced for these chapters that have yet to be reprinted.  The novel went on hiatus like the manga and a complete version of the novel was supposed to come out in March of this year, but surprise surprise, Daisuke Sato was unable to finish it so it's still unreleased as of this writing.

And so, here's a very nice black and white illustration of Saya by Shouji Sato that was published with the second chapter of the novel.  At this point, there's no sign the novel will ever be fully released, but back-ordered issues of Dragon Magazine are actually very cheap on Amazon.  If anybody out there is in Japan and wants to go out of their way to get the old issues and scan the illustrations or send them to me, email me and I can potentially compensate you.  I would order them myself, but Marketplace sellers on Amazon Japan very rarely ship overseas and a proxy service would be too expensive to be practical.

Here's the illustration:

And for those who want the un-resized super ultra mega overkill size:

So, why do I have this issue?  I got it a number of years ago when I went to Kinokuniya and it eventually went in a box and I pretty much forgot about it... until now, of course.

Hope you enjoy it.  Next issue with the color chapter comes out in about a week.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

HOTD color chapter in the November issue?

According to a reliable source, the October issue of Dragon Age (released September 9th) states that the November issue (available October 9th) will have a color chapter of Highschool of the Dead.  There are apparently no other details.  This is most likely a colorization of a previous chapter, which may mean the Full Color Edition will get a continuation during the series' current hiatus, but since there's no information, it could be anything.

I'll give you more information as it's available.

UPDATE: I can confirm firsthand that the preview does mention a color chapter of HOTD appearing in the next issue, but there are no other details whatsoever.  I guess I'll let you know what the deal is next month.

Monday, June 13, 2011

HOTD back on hiatus?

The new chapter wasn't in this latest issue of Dragon Age, and there's no mention of the series returning in any future issues.

However, there were a few relevant illustrations this issue, so here they are.


I know I haven't been too productive lately, but my life has gone through some big changes recently, so I've been a bit occupied.  The volumes are in progress.

I'll keep this one brief, so that's all.  See you again soon.

Monday, May 9, 2011

No "New" Chapter This Month

This month, instead of a new chapter, we get a color version of another of the extra chapters, this time "Dead Illusion" (the one with Morita talking about girls he wants as his groupies).  I don't know if this means we'll be getting more full color volumes eventually, but I'm kind of disappointed there's no new content...  but oh well, whatcha gonna do.

If you want some updates on stuff going on around here, the full color volumes are progressing slowly but surely, as is progress on the black and white volumes.  My life's a bit (read: extremely) busy recently, and it's likely going to be that way until the summer, so I can't guarantee much until then.  I guess the next chapter is most likely coming out in July, but I'll be there to translate it when it does come out.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Highschool of the Dead chapter 29

The wait's over.  Here it is.

Due to the length of the chapter (50 pages) and other obligations, it took a couple days, but it's done now, so... I have nothing else to add to that sentence.


Tell me if the links go down.

Other news: the volumes are progressing smoothly for the most part, thanks to the people who volunteered to help clean.  Thanks a lot guys! I'm going to be starting work on the Full Color Editions soon.

If you want to donate, I'd appreciate anything you can spare.  I unfortunately can't generate any revenue through ads anymore, and the Full Color Editions set me back a lot.

Thanks for reading, and good luck to everyone affected by the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan.

UPDATE: I made a pretty bad typo on the last page, but it should still be understandable.  Deal with it.

UPDATE2: Oh right, something I forgot to note.  The elementary school last chapter was spelled "Shintoko" but in the Japanese version of this chapter it was actually spelled "Niidoko." It has the same kanji, but a different pronunciation.  They both seem to be valid pronunciations, but for now, I'm going to stick with Shintoko to avoid confusion.  I'll probably change it to Niidoko if/when I do volume 7.