Friday, September 30, 2011

"New" Black and White illustration from Dragon Magazine July 2008

Dragon Magazine is the name of the magazine in which the short-lived HOTD novel was serialized.  There were a number of illustrations produced for these chapters that have yet to be reprinted.  The novel went on hiatus like the manga and a complete version of the novel was supposed to come out in March of this year, but surprise surprise, Daisuke Sato was unable to finish it so it's still unreleased as of this writing.

And so, here's a very nice black and white illustration of Saya by Shouji Sato that was published with the second chapter of the novel.  At this point, there's no sign the novel will ever be fully released, but back-ordered issues of Dragon Magazine are actually very cheap on Amazon.  If anybody out there is in Japan and wants to go out of their way to get the old issues and scan the illustrations or send them to me, email me and I can potentially compensate you.  I would order them myself, but Marketplace sellers on Amazon Japan very rarely ship overseas and a proxy service would be too expensive to be practical.

Here's the illustration:

And for those who want the un-resized super ultra mega overkill size:

So, why do I have this issue?  I got it a number of years ago when I went to Kinokuniya and it eventually went in a box and I pretty much forgot about it... until now, of course.

Hope you enjoy it.  Next issue with the color chapter comes out in about a week.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

HOTD color chapter in the November issue?

According to a reliable source, the October issue of Dragon Age (released September 9th) states that the November issue (available October 9th) will have a color chapter of Highschool of the Dead.  There are apparently no other details.  This is most likely a colorization of a previous chapter, which may mean the Full Color Edition will get a continuation during the series' current hiatus, but since there's no information, it could be anything.

I'll give you more information as it's available.

UPDATE: I can confirm firsthand that the preview does mention a color chapter of HOTD appearing in the next issue, but there are no other details whatsoever.  I guess I'll let you know what the deal is next month.