Friday, September 30, 2011

"New" Black and White illustration from Dragon Magazine July 2008

Dragon Magazine is the name of the magazine in which the short-lived HOTD novel was serialized.  There were a number of illustrations produced for these chapters that have yet to be reprinted.  The novel went on hiatus like the manga and a complete version of the novel was supposed to come out in March of this year, but surprise surprise, Daisuke Sato was unable to finish it so it's still unreleased as of this writing.

And so, here's a very nice black and white illustration of Saya by Shouji Sato that was published with the second chapter of the novel.  At this point, there's no sign the novel will ever be fully released, but back-ordered issues of Dragon Magazine are actually very cheap on Amazon.  If anybody out there is in Japan and wants to go out of their way to get the old issues and scan the illustrations or send them to me, email me and I can potentially compensate you.  I would order them myself, but Marketplace sellers on Amazon Japan very rarely ship overseas and a proxy service would be too expensive to be practical.

Here's the illustration:

And for those who want the un-resized super ultra mega overkill size:

So, why do I have this issue?  I got it a number of years ago when I went to Kinokuniya and it eventually went in a box and I pretty much forgot about it... until now, of course.

Hope you enjoy it.  Next issue with the color chapter comes out in about a week.


  1. oh btw what about the act0 that is like a mini-lightnovel, cause you can translate the text in a txt or a word file and leave the raws like that, i dont know it is just my opinion, but thanks anyway :)

  2. So HOTD is still on hiatus right? I just read all 29 chapters today and was wondering.

  3. This is what i want to know to.

    New chap released or hiatus again?

  4. I feel little dissapointed now when you don't even answer in the comments when asked about the news and I even donated a little ammount of money to you to show my appreciation for the work you do.
    But there hasn't been any post's or anything in 2 and a half months.. could you fill us up a little so that we could know what's going on? I'll still be looking this site up in the future.

  5. Thank you for the donation but the reason I don't respond is because there's absolutely nothing to update on. Believe me, if there was ANY news you can be sure I would post it as soon as I heard about it. I see no value in making posts that just say "No news." I'm still around and I'm not going anywhere. You're just going to have to trust me on that.

    The volumes are in progress but they're a pretty major long-term project and I don't want to waste time with status updates.

  6. Okay, in that case I believe you and continue to support this site :D
    Yeah I know that there is no point in that kind of posts and you answered me so I'm all happy and patiently wait for new content to come.

    I promise that I make some little kind of donation again when the next chapter comes and I have money to spare :D

    Cheers and keep up the good work.

  7. the reason why there are no updates/new releases is pretty simple:

    hotd author is currently working on "Triage X". if u like his drawing stile u will love triage X

  8. Not quite. I don't believe the writer is working on anything at the moment actually. Shouji Sato, the artist, is doing Triage X because he has no HOTD to work on and he's also doing the monthly Heroine vs. Heroine feature. If HOTD had been running consistently I doubt Triage X would even exist.

  9. just getting on your website here and im glad i found a site that hat least has some info on HOTD big fan of the manga. i myself will plan to make donations to help with getting more chapters done been waiting since may to see the next chapter

  10. Hey people, I know that many like me only read the blog without commenting, otherwise the post would be full :)
    I must say that I love HOTD and for this I have to say thanks to Daisuke Sato ... but how can we encourage (or threaten him XD) to continue the story? What can we do?
    I even thought that Sato doesn't continue the story because he doesn't know how to handle the addition of Rei's mother, so destabilizing the balance of the group that was formed ....
    I'm Italian so forgive my grammatical errors :)

  11. Happy New Year HOTDcups. Hopefully this year will be full of Highschool of the Dead.

  12. Come on! Please answer us even if its just a "No" or "Stop pestering me you maggots and STFU!". Anything would be nice right now since we have no clue about whats going on with HOTD (and to be honest i havent seen any triage X updates or something lately...)