Friday, January 14, 2011

More bad news

It seems that HOTD won't be running next month.  The month after that, Triage X is supposed to return, so the soonest we're likely to get new HOTD is...  not for a while.  Three months at least.

Triage X isn't such a bad series though.  Give the two volumes of that a read if you haven't already.  The scanlation for Fire Fire Fire is also underway if you want something a little different from Shouji Sato.

Anyway, will I do the full color Cos-Play of the Dead chapter that was included in this issue?  Well, I'd like to, but life's awful busy right now to be spending time doing something I'm just going to be doing again in a couple months.  I'm not going to say that I won't do it, but don't expect it right away.  But hey, have this new illustration for the time being.

And here's the full-size image:
That's right, a Mediafire link for a single image.  Got a problem with that?

On a side note, if there are donors who don't want to be listed, please tell me.  I've only included first names for obvious security reasons, but I'm thinking it may be a good idea to be more open than I have been about finances here.  As I see it, the only way to be credible is to link donations to some name.  I don't really have anything to hide as far as that goes, after all.  If I forgot you somehow, don't be shy to correct me.

Talk to you later...


  1. awww mang so you are saying that:
    January (this month): no HOTD
    February (next month): Triage X
    March: MAYBE hotd?

    or is it even further down the line lol

  2. bladeofwushu: Not quite.
    January (Feb. issue of Dragon Age, this month): no new HOTD, but the color chapter was included
    February (March issue, next month): nothing relevant to us
    March (April issue, two months from now): Triage X
    April (May issue, three months from now): Maybe HOTD

  3. Damn, that's such a let down. :c Now to wait even more. <3

  4. ^
    ah damn, sorry. this thing isnt working right. I meant </3
    But thank you for all your hard work and for all the updates, I hope everything gets smoother for you!

  5. Such a bad news. :(

    I hope in april a big 60 (or maybe 90) pages chapter coming out.

  6. Hey look on the bright side, the English volumes by Yen press come out in a week.

    Speaking of volumes I just swung by Xamayon to re-download volume 5 to my new computer and saw that they had removed everything they had for downloads. The individual chapters aren't to big a loss due to sites like but they high quality volume compilations are likely to be harder to come by again.

    Should we try to get them back online via megaupload or something?

  7. Pharma-Dan: I linked to a torrent in my first journal entry here that contains all of XLG's work on the series.

    It's not going to be finished for quite a while, but I'm working on doing all the volumes over again because the folks at XLG weren't satisfied with the work they did. The pages are too compressed and small, have too much artwork cut off at the edges, and the leveling was a bit excessive.

    But, I gave you the link already if you want to see what's been done already, so go ahead.

  8. man this is sad... I was waiting for the continuation, but instead we receive a omake chapter with no conection to the main story...

  9. thanks for keeping us updated of every news coming from our favorite country :D

    HOTD Rocks