Monday, September 13, 2010

Highschool of the Dead chapter 27

As promised, here it is.  I've tried to imitate the typesetting style used by the old scanlators for consistency, and also because I like it.

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Let me know if either link goes down.

I feel a little pathetic for asking, but do you see that DONATE button there?  If you can spare it, please consider donating to help pay for raws.  It's not cheap to import Dragon Age and I'm poor. ;_;


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  2. There are ads, but it is against Adsense's Terms of Use to ask people to click ads, so I cannot do such a thing.

  3. Thank you HOTDcups!! :D :D
    A very nice chapter and your translation is very good too.

    I don't have money to donate but i will click in the add-ons.

    By the way, you could try use some deposite files links, i hear they give you some money depending on the number of downloads.
    And with the popularity of this manga i bet you would get a lot of downloads. ;)

  4. I'll see what I can do around the end of the month, maybe ten dollars or so, and I hope other people will follow me in support of your effort and work, thanks a lot man, and keep it up.

  5. Thanks very much for the new chapter release. :)

  6. dl gets stuck halfway for me :'(

  7. Try again, maybe its a connection problem.

    Both links are working fine in my pc ;)

  8. Thanks for the release but (too bad) we must wait another two month until the next release...

    I hope the writer make 60 page...

    Now we all wait the next chapter. And i hope the one day manga become monthly. :)

  9. I love ya man. Respect!

  10. DUDE! thanks bro, if i can donate i will, thanks alot.

  11. When I get my paycheck I'll donate to your cause!!!

    I've been waiting for someone to pick up HOTD again. You are now my best friend.


  13. I believe that you get money if people download from depositfiles or hotfile
    I suggest you upload their instead if you need money

  14. if you ever want an editor for scanlation please gimme a call, do I'd do anything for more HSOTD

  15. i cant thank you enough..

  16. You made my day =)

    Thanks alot and keep up the good work.

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  18. @Minh

    The HQ copy i have from [XLG] has a resolution of 825x1200.

    The version this champion just released is ~1110x1600..

    [XLG]'s idea of Super HQ was meant not only toward the quality of the actual scanned images but mostly geared toward a v2 translation.

    Quote from [XLG]'s website "Volume 2 Super HQ - Retranslated for QUALITAAAAAY - 06/29/09 "..

    Keep up these amazing releases.

  19. @Minh i think the scans provided for HOTDcups are high quality.

    Keep up these amazing releases.² xD

  20. Oh mixed up scans with cleaning wondering if he's going to go back later on when he has time and make the pictures look sharper such as black making it look darker but yeah keep up the good work

  21. Minh: The printing quality for manga magazines is quite poor, so the idea of doing the volumes is to release it with better quality images (but not necessarily higher resolution) that potentially have more graphic content, or in other words, are uncensored. XLG also took the opportunity to revise their translations a bit with those rereleases.

    Zander: XLG only used widely available raw scans for most of the volumes so for the resolution they were basically at the mercy of whoever scanned it. I believe they scan most of their manga on their own now, as I'm doing.

    I may come back to the volumes eventually, but it depends on whether I have the resources available. If I'm going to do a truly high quality release, I want to be able to do the art justice, so I'd need someone with a lot of skill to help redraw.

  22. thank youuu for translating HOTD

  23. HOTDcups one question:
    You do intent to translate HotD parodies(Saikin no Dead and Highschool of the Head)?
    There are raws in jcafe foruns.

    it could be a good way to occupy time until next chapter.

  24. Dass Jenir: Yeah, I was planning on doing both of them. I'll probably do Highschool of the Head first.

  25. Thank you very much for translating.

  26. well this is epic!! yay, someone picked it up :D glad to see that someone is still willing ot scanlate the series :)

  27. "I do NOT give permission for images to be compressed and re-released or to be posted on scanlation aggregate sites"

    That's funny... Did you also get permission to modify AND freely distribute licensed work?

    Just curious...

    Thanks for the scanlation though. :)

  28. SomeoneRandom: Of course not, but sites like that are made for the purpose of producing a profit and what's more is they ruin the images I scanned by compressing them so much. I get a little bit of money from ads and donations, but that all goes towards purchasing raws so I don't make a penny from this site.

    I fully encourage everyone to do the right thing by buying the manga and I don't want anyone making money from my scanlation.

  29. Agree with HOTDcups
    Online Manga readers sucks! They destroy the quality of the scans.

    just to everyone knows, i buy the volumes who were released in my country (Brazil). Three until now and the next will be out in october.

  30. HOTDcups: Glad to know that's how you feel. Didn't know you were referring to pay sites. :)

  31. SomeoneRandom: I'm NOT referring to pay sites in particular. All of those reader sites are based on the idea of getting money from advertisers due to the high traffic they get.

    Maybe you'd say if they don't charge people to view the series then it doesn't matter, but I still think it's highly immoral if they make ANY money from scanlations.

  32. Thanks alot for the chapter and really am relieved to see that a group really picked it up.

    This is not a complaint and its only a minor detail but I had a question for the translator. I wanted to know if the characters stopped using honorifics like Chan, San or Kun in the manga? Because there were nothing like that in this chapter.

    And another thing, I was confused abit about something. There was a page in chapter 27, and it was page number 30. In the bottom-panel, right beside Takashi's face there were words like "Arent you embarrased walking around like that?" after they saw Saeko's get-up. Was it Takashi who said that? Or was it Rei?

    I would be very glad if you could reply back.


  33. ihraque66: Yes, I used no honorifics. I believe in doing a full translation, not a partial translation.

    The dialogue on page 30 was obviously said by Rei. It would make no sense for it to be Takashi, both by his character and by the art in the panel.

  34. HOTDcups: I've never been to those manga reading sites, believe it or not, so I never knew how they got their money. I don't normally read manga, but I guess HOTD will be one of the few exceptions. :)

  35. mangafox for instance has a lot of advertising click in one and then they gain some money. Now imagine thousands of people clicking in these links every day.
    Its no wonder the japanese publishers are against Online reader sites...

    "Takashi's face there were words like "Arent you embarrased walking around like that?" after they saw Saeko's get-up. Was it Takashi who said that? Or was it Rei?"
    Takashi was paying a tribute to his old Ithaca. He even was loking at the shotgun's direction.

    Besides we already know recently Takashi is closer to Saeko than Rei(since that time in the shrine). And this make Rei a little mad with Saeko since she is always talking with Takashi and trying to avoid Rei has some time alone with him.

  36. @HOTDcups. Thanks alot for the reply.

    Oh I see what you mean but I thought the honorifics were pretty useful to show how close or distant a character was to another in this manga. I mean the previous chapters kinda gave that impression.

    In this manga, we have seen several instances of that. Like the time, when Saya got pissed off that Komuro called her like everyone else when they were in her estate. And later, she was very happy that Takashi finally called her by her "first-name" when he grabbed her by the collar and yells at her. Yet all she could think of was, Takashi used her first name.

    The second time was with Saeko, when they were trapped in that temple, Takashi grabs her and in his emotional speech, calls her by her "first-name". After which she too, calls him "Takashi" instead of "Komuro-Kun".

    Rei, later makes a bigg-deal out of this, in the shopping mall when Takashi was about to call Saeko informally, but he realized Rei was upset and stops himself and goes back to call her as "Saeko-san" to pacify Rei. Saeko, too played along and responds with "Komuro-kun" instead of "Takashi" .

    Later, however, Seako had enough with the hide-and-seek games and wanted to come out in the open that she too might have come to like Takashi. So, to prove a point, Saeko later calls Takashi as "Takashi" instead of "Komuro-Kun" even infront of Rei, which pissed off Rei and sent her the message loud and clear.

    In other words Saeko wanted to say something to Rei like, "If you dont watch out, I just might steal your man away". And Rei too got the message and understood that her worst fear that Takashi and saeko were getting closer as she was always threatened by Saeko's presence as she felt Takashi had a crush on Saeko and after the temple arc, their informality, prives her fears were justified.

    However, Takashi felt like a fish caught out of water and wasnt brave enough to call Saeko informally infront of Rei's glare.

    So, my point is, in HSOTD, "formality" and "informality" has played a pretty important part and lets us know, how close the characters are, to one another or how distant they are.

    And once, again I m not complaining because I dont know how to read japanese. So I dont presume to know how they work but the previous scanlated chapters led me to believe it was quite necessary to show how the relationships played out. And in japanese society too,honorifics play quite an important role. I mean it kinda felt like I was reading a Marvel comic instead of a manga.

    Again, I stress, I m really grateful and appreciate all the effort and am just happy that a group finally took up this project as I m just a useless leecher. So I would be glad if you took it as a useful criticism rather than a complaint.


  37. thanx fo HOTD ur awesome
    will b waith for next release

  38. ishraque66: ditto, well said. i agree with everything he said and couldn't have worded it any better myself. thx again ;)

  39. Hello there, can you email me at Mainly because I have a proposition for you concerning future highschool of the dead releases (save you some money too), and I think you might want to hear me out. (I can't email you myself, since you don't have any contact info here)

  40. I realize this is late, so you may not be reading the message, but...

    ishraque66: I don't want the translations I do to feel like manga. I want them to feel like English. Many manga translations aren't in real English, and the honorifics are ultimately unneeded because with a little writing creativity and effort, any situation can be adapted to be perfectly natural in English without them.

    Also I haven't changed any first name/last name usages because in my opinion that kind of expressed closeness isn't too different between Japanese and English, so that "critique" isn't actually relevant.

    There's pure semantic translation (which is what most manga scanlations are, and most professionals agree that it isn't the best method for mass consumption), and then there's cultural translation. I obviously have no interest in editing the art or changing the names, so I'm not an extremist when it comes to cultural translation. My only goal is to express the original Japanese in at least somewhat natural English, so I hope you can accept that. It may not be what you're used to, but give it a chance. I'm not making changes in regards to relationships or dialogue; I'm simply making an effort to show it more naturally.

  41. actually in most cases the officially accepted meaning of honorifics is a lie. In reality the honorific is used because it just is and depending on where you come from in japan you use different honorifics that can be substituted because the japanese like to keep to their heritage. just because someone from hokkaido moves to tokyo doesn't mean that they will use local honorifics. Also some people are and some aren't traditionalists. so theres another level of crap. does a particular person even care about you dropping the honorific when addressing them. It's similar to the change in english over the last century in which we went from refferring to a classmate that wasn't our acquaintance as mr or ms insert surname as opposed to the use of their given/christian / first name. a surname can also be called a patronimic which means the name of ones father. and so sirname is ones sires (as in to sire) name. now we just call a person by whatever name they want to be addressed by or even a nickname.