Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dragon Age December 2010 issue preordered.

Sorry for a lack of updates, but I really don't have much to post about.  I might try doing the Saikin no Dead spin-off or the 4 koma parody Highschool of the Head sometime, but those are kind of low priority and I'm occupied with a lot of other things at the moment.

Anyway, this post is just sort of an update to let you know I'm alive, and as the title says, I preordered the next issue of Dragon Age, which comes out November 9th.  This issue is supposed to contain the next chapter of HOTD, and I'll try to get it out as quickly as I can once I get the magazine.  Many thanks to those who've donated or supported my scanlation through the ads on this site!  Buying things from Japan is very expensive right now, so every little bit helps.